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Nadia De Lange’s photo was featured
A broken down barn in the middle of Norway.f/11ISO-10070 sec10 stop ND filterTripod mountedEdited i…
Sep 9
Tashlyn Dowra’s photo was featured
Camera setting:Canon 77D with 24 - 105 F/4 lens. Lens at 58mm.Manual mode: ISO: 100, Sutter: 1/800,…
Sep 9
Christopher Jones’s photo was featured
Canon 7D with 28-300 L IS USM @ 150mm F11 1/200sShot in Nxai Pan National Park Botswana
Sep 9
Pietman Muller’s photo was featured
Went elephant hunting in Kruger park specifically with new moon with the aim to capture elephants a…
Sep 9
Susan Pretorius posted a photo
Cat's are facinating creatures they decide if they like you, and if they will allow you in their sp…
Sep 9
Nicolene Theunissen posted a photo
Shot at Pia Beach with Nikon D5300 with 55 - 200mm lens at 200mm1/160 secF11ISO 100Black and white…
Sep 9
Sharon Cunningham posted a photo
Nikon D7000Sigma 10-20 f/3.5 @10mmf/11ISO10030.0 secWB Auto (cooled down in post)Edited LR
Sep 9
  • Danie Bester Great shot, I recommend you brighten up the very dark areas, e.g. bottom-left - using a radial, or…
    Sep 9
John Griffin posted photos
Sep 9

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