My new Nisi filter system rocks!

Sadly, this December, I haven't had much time for photography. I have been working around the clock on our websites (plural). Though I did have two quick stints – shooting architecture – with the NISI V5-Pro Filter System. I have been blown away by this 100mm system! It is superior to any other filter system I’ve used and consist of several glass filters; A Circular Polariser, four Neutral Density filters ranging between 3 to 15 Stops, and Split-Grads. Moreover, it comes included with adapter rings for all my lenses, including 67, 72, 72, and 82 mm rings. The whole system comes in a convenient shoulder bag, which makes it easy to swap filters. And since you can work over the bag and each filter have a dedicated slot, chances to drop any of these gorgeous nanocoated filters are minimised. 

The Nisi V5 Pro Filter System comes in a convenient carry bag, making it easy to change filters while shooting. 


Quality of the Filters

A system like this would amount to nothing if the quality is not good and I have been astounded by the build quality of each of the components. Even more importantly, the image quality I get from these surpasses any of the other systems I have used before. I am hoping to test these babies on a high resolution or medium format system within the next few weeks and will share some images then.


 The advantage of polarisers is that they prevent glare and reflections, which is clear from the polarised image on the right. The cloud movement wasn't perfect in these shots (too many of them), but the great news is that the Circular Polariser that comes with the V5 system is conveniently placed behind the ND filters. The Nisi polariser has two tiny cogs on the edges which can be moved without having to take the square filters off. 


DPC Student Discounts on Nisi Filters

In the meantime, if you’re interested in investing in Nisi filters – they have quite a large range, from dedicated screw-in filters to advanced 100 mm systems like mine - leave a message below. DPC students qualify for discounted rates. I will get back to you in the new year.