The first Newborn Course for DPC

Newborn photography is something that lies extremely close to my heart. Having the opportunity and privilege to share this passion with other aspiring newborn photographers is probably one of the most rewarding feelings in the world to me. Working with tiny humans in their early days is an art that takes a lot of patience, persistence and belief. Extreme safety measures need to always be put into place to ensure these fragile creations are kept safe and secure at all times during a newborn session. It is so important that photographers new to the art of newborn photography are made aware of the safest and most effective ways to keep them content and secure during a session like this. 

This weekend DPC hosted our first newborn photography course and it was such a blast. The students not only learned everything they needed to know about newborn photography, but we were also blessed with 2 incredibly beautiful models in studio. It is not often that babies co-operate with your exact plans when you do a newborn shoot but these 2 where just delicious. The students were able to experience a newborn session up-close and where able to take some images of their own during the session. 

We had baby Ruben (10 days new). A perfect baby boy born at 3,7 kgs. 

This image was shot at iso 100 | F3.5| 1/160 sec | studio lighting |Canon 5d mIV. I edited this image in Photoshop. 


Then we had perfectly petite baby Stacey-Lee (9 Days new), born at a mere 2,6 kgs.

 This image was shot at iso 100 | F2.8 | 1/160 sec | studio lighting |Canon 5d mIV. I edited this image in Photoshop. 

I cant want for the next Newborn Photography course coming up in August. Will you be joining us ?