Photographer of the Year

About the Photographer of the Year Awards

The Photographer of the Year is our most prestigious award and goes to the one photographer who distinguished themselves throughout the year, regardless of the categories in which they previously partook.


The Photographer of the Year 2019 will be announced on 29 January 2020. 


Nadia de Lange. 

Photographer of the Year 2016!


Photo Description: In Nadia's own words... "Another attempt at something more creative. I wanted to create a painting, with the emphasis on how small my husband and especially my dog are in comparison to the massive trees around them. I wanted the viewer to really move their eyes up and down the photo, finally resting on the man and his dog"

As the winner of the Photo Critic Photographer of the Year, we are showing off a few of Nadia's images that have been featured throughout 2016. Below are some of her photos: 










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