Untamable ocean.

Looking at this photo I took I feel the power of the ocean. The movement of the water, to me, suggests untameable relentlessness . The ocean will trample over any who dare stand in its way.

ISO50, 31mm, f/11, 0.4sec exposure

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  • Beautiful image.. The b&w makes it more dramatic. Well done.

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    This is really a beautiful image, I love the motion of the water at the front, it moves your eyes through the image. There is soooo much to work with in this image, and it can become something truly outstanding with a bit of post processing work. As Kevin mentioned, it needs a bit of contrast work. A good start would be to increase your white and black points in Lightroom. From there you can use the radial filter in Lightroom to selectively work on different parts of the image. Remember, lighter areas draw the eye, and moves it around the image. I would work on the middle of the image, making the breaking waves there slightly darker than the water at the front. That way your eyes will start at the front and move to the back.

    I tend to agree with Kevin on the rock, and my suggestion is quite an easy fix - if you straighten the horizon, the crop will change slightly and the front rock will be cropped out a bit more. Rule number one in landscape photography is always having a straight horizon (unless the goal is more artistic and you need a skew horizon for the artistic effect).

    Overall, this image is stunning and has so much potential. You did an excellent job capturing this, well done!


    I partly agree with Kevin that the rock in the bottom has a visual pull, but on my big screen, it is not too distracting. I like it!

  • Thanks for the positive criticism Kevin! I will definitely try and do something about the rock in that bottom corner.

  • This is a beautiful capture and the title is perfectly suited. There is tons of energy and interesting lines than really engage the viewer. From a post processing perspective, I think it could do with a little more contrast to deepen the drama and the rock on the bottom right carries a liitle too much visual weight without adding enough interest. (Remember: if an element is not adding interest it is taking it away.)

    Perhaps play with somedifferent crop options and some selective dodge and burn? Over-all a solid image with great potential. Keep it up!

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