Triple Berry Cheese Cake

50mm, ISO400, F4.5, 1/200

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    I love the colour scheme in this photo, I think with the right lighting your photo could work beautifully


    Yes, it definitely needs more light  - preferably backlighting - with strong fill light from the front to accentuate the textures and colours. If you're interested in Food Photography, I can recommend the following book as a starting point:







  Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots (0785342784114): Nicole S. Young: Books Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots (0785342784114): Nicole S. Young: Books
  • Thanks Kevin, apologies for being overzealous! Feedback much appreciated. 


  •  Robyn, PhotoCritic loves your enthusiasm! You uploaded 6 images this week, but unfortunately as per the guidlines, we are only going to allow and critique one of them.

    I have chosen this one to comment on because I absolutely love the colours and textures of this image. The reds and blues work very well together and I like the setting and background choices.

    I do however feel that the image, the subject in particular, as a little under exposed and a little more depth of field to bring more of the subject into sharper focus would help too. With a tripod, you could have bumped the aperture to about f/8 or so and set the shutter to about 1/80th to get some more detail on the front of the cake. In post processing you can easily bring up the exposure a little to compensate.

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