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Blesbok on Sentry Duty

This is one of the photos I took while on our Wildlife practical at the Rhino and Lion Park. Everyone else was photographing a sable to the right of the vehicle, but I couldn't get a nice clear shot of the sable (I was sitting on the left side and I'm a bit too short to shoot over peoples' heads), so I took this photo to the left. There were some more blesbuck together in a group, but this guy was on his own and I thought that worked better.

I liked the fuzzy grass, which already gave it a sort of monochrome, vintage feel for me, straight out of camera. I therefore didn't do much sharpening on it, except a little on the face of the blesbok.

I cropped a bit to remove some dead space on the left and bottom (but not much), applied one of DPC's creative presets to add to the vintage feel and brought the contrast up a little. I didn't want the colours very bright, again because I liked the monochrome effect of the grass, but any hints or tips for a different edit are welcome :-). I did try it in B&W, but it didn't really work for me as a B&W.


Canon 650D

1/1250 at F8.0

ISO 400

55 - 250mm kit lens, at 250mm

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    Problem with Wildlife. You cant pose them!

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    Thanks John, wish I could say I planned it intentionally, but it worked out well in the end :-)

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    Thanks Bruna :-)


    The triangle of the three bushes with the Blesbok in the middle seems to focus attention in on your subject


    I would not change anything here! It just comes to show what opportunities one can miss when getting stuck in a situation that is not ideal at that specific moment. By thinking out-of-the-box, you went against the flow and created a beautiful minimalistic wildlife landscape image, the best is, you had no competition. Amazing composition Rosalie and a well-deserved Feature for you!!

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