Landscape Heaven


I took this pic in Lesotho with my Samsung Camera, l think and interesting photo, lines from foreground to background leads ones eye through the pictutre.  Might not be the clearest of pictures, but it the composition and editing correct.



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  • Hey Danie, thank you for the feedback, was looking through my landscapes from Lesotho and have some really interesting ones, will definately show you more.  I am in Mauritius next week, so you will see some from there, cannot wait to take a slow shutterspead of the waves in motion, probably the most excited to do it.



    Good composition, using implied diagonal lines and the various layers from front to back. Unfortunately, the objects in the foreground has very little visual impact and fails aesthetically. The lack of sharpness means that you cannot do much with the photo afterwards. You most certainly possess a keen eye, and I am looking forward to seeing more work from you. 

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