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Sending some cold shots over to cool down the heat wave in SA. I loved the triangles in this shot, how the white lines draw your eyes across the photo.

ISO-64, 1/250th sec at f/11. Nikon D850, Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 ED

Edited in LR and PS

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    Beautiful composition and detail. Excellent Nadia. Love your work!

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    Sure Danie, will do that tonight. Bottom right or left? I just ask because bottom right isn't that dark so not sure whether it will really show the dynamic range, whereas bottom left is pitch black?


    Nadia, just one suggestion, the dark area at bottom-right in the frame, see if you could brighten up the shadows just with half a stop perhaps in the RAW file. I am very interested in the latitude you get from the D850, so even if it is just an experiment I would love to see it. 


    Lovely composition and excellent use of tonal contrast. Earns you another feature! 

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