Sunset over the Innes Valley in the Austrian Tyrol

I was walking back to my hotel after a day skiing through the forest and came upon this sunset. the road to the left was a sheet of ice and reflected the setting suns rays almost like a pyroplastic flow. I have not retouched the picture other than to remove some water spots and a pole from the foreground. so this is pretty much the true picture. I shot it handheld using the following settings:


Nikon D850

Nikor 20mm prime lens

Aperture F1.8

Focal length 20mm

ISO 40

Exposure 1/130s

auto white balance 

aperture priority

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    I saw this on your phone and I liked it a lot Brett. Something is off in terms of the resolution though as the image is blotchy and the tones squashed< Is it possible you can download a higher resolution image. We recommend  a minimum of 1920Px wide at 120ppi. 

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