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Desert: "a waterless, desolate area of land with little or no vegetation, typically one covered with sand."

And yet, there is life in the desert. More than most people realise. In the Namib this is thanks to the wonderful miracle of fog - the clouds that roll in from the Atlantic Ocean bring with them moisture that sustain the fauna and flora living in this beautiful, harsh landscape.

Nikon D850

Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 ED


1/200 sec


Taken from a helicopter

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    Absolutely amazing!

    I am in awe of the contrast of the concept of a 'desert' being waterless, whilst from another viewpoint, the desert looks like an ocean with rolling waves of water. I love it. 

    It's a realization that we need to plan our natural lighting, which isn't in our control, but sometimes to faith. 


    This is beautiful Nadia. Love the mysterious feel.

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    Thanks Danie :-) I'll copy the caption over to the other photo. We got very lucky with the fog, giving otherwise "has already been done" images something special. I'm very excited about this series, I have to say.


    Thanks for your descriptive title and caption. The side-lighting, the contrast, the flow of curves, and then the mysterious fog; all these elements leave such a great impression on the viewer! Feature!

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