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After play...

Nikon D5300, ISO400, f/10, 30sec, Nikkor 12-24mm f/4G

Part of a series called "After...", which seeks to continue the exploration of existentialism through capturing elements and ingredients of aspects of 'living'.

In this case, does the concept of 'play' exist merely by representation of its ingredients?

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  • My favourite part about this image are the lines. All different but well put together. A lower ISO would create a little more depth with a bit of more darks, I think. Nonetheless, I love it.


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    Thanks for the comments, guys... Danie, you hit the nail on the head wrt to the influencers (I've been studying Josef Hoflehner quite a bit recently!) - the ISO was human error (which I corrected in latter shots of the scene, but this I thought was compositionally the best)


    These images remind me a bit of Todd Hido's after dark pictures of suburban life, as well as Josef Hoflehner's latest series. 

    A bit of feedback on this image; I like how you've used line, shape, and more importantly, light. Consider straightening the vertical lines to accentuate the symmetry and shape, it will only take 3 minutes using Lightroom's Transform tool. I would also consider pushing the contrast a little bit. Finally, I firmly agree with Kevin in regards to the ISO. Using a tripod, keep the ISO at 100, which provides improved colour depth, higher dynamic range and less noise if you want to produce large prints (which you should).  




  • I really like that you are experimenting with philosipical ideas in your photography. Communicating thease ideas visually is often very challenging and I feel, that without your explanation of intent, the image does not stand strong enough on it's own. However; I do think it is a very good base for what could, with some editing time, be a successful surrealist image and better communicate what it is that you are trying to say. Or more correctly, what meaning am I as the viewer meant to construct from this.

    From a technical perspective, I like the muted tones, and colours. Cropping in a little more may bring the viewer's attention into the subject of "play" a little better as well as removing some of the more distracting elements on the edges for the frame. The exposure, especially considering it is 30s long is successfull, and the white light definitly adds to the mood, but I am wondering why ISO400 if this was presumably on a tripod?

    Keep exploring this and I encourage you to spend sime time editing this a little more. Combine elements to strenghten your prose (using a composite of star trails to represent the movement of time for instance), look at the colours yu have chosen as they have meaning, but some morethan others?


    Below I have linked in some photographers you might enjoy studying.


    AB WatsonGilbert Garcin and Chang Chao-Tang

    A.B Watson is a New Zealand photographer, best known for his black & white style. His images incorporate a Zen like atmosphere to his landscape work.
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