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After swim...

Nikon D5300, ISO100, 20sec, f/10, Nikkor 12-24mm f/4G, 14mm

Part of a series called "After...", which seeks to continue the exploration of existentialism through capturing elements and ingredients of aspects of 'life'. In this case, does 'swimming' exist merely by representation of its ingredients?

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    Agree with Kevin, and want to reiterate that the series doesn't need extensive editing, apart from subtle dodging and burning and colour work. I am looking forward to the rest of this project and will gladly discuss some ideas with you via Skype. 

  • Many of my comments from your previous image can be repeated here. Technically this image is good but may need a little attention in bring the image to life in post processing. Perhaps cropping out the elements that are not adding to your ideas, and highlighting those that do. Some time in photoshop, enhancing the light you have captured and using it to add the concept will go a long way to giving this some moe pop.

    I like the mix of strong verticals and calming horizontals with the juxtaposed diagonals of the cushion creating a little tension on the edge of the frame, but not really enough to get me thinking about the notion of the water and subseqeuntly the notion of swimming. The framing is also very apparent, especially on the right where the eye is naturally drawn to the human figure, but It could have been better used to bring the attention of the viewer to your true subject.

    Again, definitly keep at this and keep exploring these concepts. I like the series and it could make a very printable collection.

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