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Three Anchors

Camera settings:

  • Canon 77D, Canon 24 - 105 F/4 lens at 24mm
  • Shot on manual mode.
  • ISO: 100
  • Shutter: 1/200
  • Aperture: F/4
  • Metering: Evaluative

Additional info:

  • Picture was taken hand held lit by a cloudy sky. 
  • Lightroom was used for post processing with the following aims:
    • Crop for thirds.
    • Increase the yellow saturation on the foreground anchor. 
    • Apply a blue cast to provide colour cast to balance the yellow with colour. 
  • I took the photo to show the context of the yellow anchor. There are 3 anchors (anchored); 1 being the yellow anchor, 2 being the yachts, and third the mountains. 
  • I did want to have a fast shutter speed so I selected 1/200. I assumed that a slow speed might show the blur motion of the yachts. I selected F/4 to bring in light and ISO 100 for clarity...I regret all of this! I should have increased the ISO to 800 so that I could have used F/11 for front to back clarity. Also regret not carrying a tripod so I can shoot HDR to expose for the clouds. 
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    I enjoy the composition and the image feels a bit vintage, which if that was your purpose, works. 



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