A bonus of visiting the Mapungupwe Park on our northern border are the beautiful baobabs'

Canon 5dmk4; Tamron 70-200mm at 24mm; 1/320sec @ f8.; ISO100

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    Thanks Danie. Thanks for the video link. I checked and all my settings are 16bit. My mistake was exporting the file as 6720x4480 but then limiting the file size to 2meg. Really dumb!


    Check this video, which talks about the aspect:



    Monochrome was a good choice and I like how the highlighted baobab stands out against the predominant dark foreground. Unfortunately, we see hundreds of similar pictures by casual holiday photographers and it seems like a snapshot, rather than an artistic interpretation. Your image also suffers seriously from gradient banding, which will spoil your image. This often happens when editing pictures in 8-bit, instead of 16 bit. Sometimes, it doesn't even exist but shows up on screens. If banding does occur, then most landscape photographers will add selective noise.

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