Black and white beauty



Exposure time: 1/250 sec

Focal length: 50mm

Captured with an Canon EOS 1300D

No Flash

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  • Hi Sune! I like how you’ve used a shallow depth of field in this portrait. I also like the way the black and white edit simplifies the shot. It’s not easy to capture a portrait of someone and I think you’ve done well to get a relaxed expression. I would encourage you to be careful when using foreground interest. These leaves/foliage have sharp, distinct lines that end up detracting from the main focus. You can also explore some options when doing black and white edits like boosting the contrast to make the photo pop a bit more, as well as dodging and burning which help to bring the viewers attention to the desired focus point within the photo. Lastly, poses don’t need to be complicated to be successful but you’ll be surprised how much it can add to your shot if you include arms and hands in a head and shoulder portrait. Warren’s posing course is so helpful with this. Well done on this photo and I look forward to seeing  more of your shots 

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