Breaking free

Nikon D5300 with Tamron 60mm 1:1 macro lens at 60mm

1/125 sec


Iso 500

Center weighted metering

Basic retouching done in Lightroom


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    Beautiful pastel tones!!


    Danie. With all due respect, at 1600 iso my camera will break, lol. It gives me a lot of noise if I go over 800 ISO. Still shooting entry level but point taken. Thank you Danie. Can't wait for a full frame someday far in the future but very soon. Lol


    Agree with Kevin, this is beautiful. Personally, I think it should have been sharper though. Stepping up the ISO to 1600 would have allowed you a slightly wider DoF without sacrificing Shutter speed. Despite my comments, still a beautiful image. 


    Thank you Kevin. I will fix the highlight. It was part of the pod. Thank you so much for the feedback.


  • The use ofr triangles in the compisition and complimentary colours in this image are simply beautiful. If viewed purely as a macro image, one could argue that there is too much blur, but after taking a look at your other images, I feel this should be seen as more artisitc than technical and in that sense it is a very successful image. My only gripe woul be the highlight on the right edge that is quite distracting.

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