Flower project - Colour

I took this photo in order to represent colour as part of the "flower project" for the advanced photography course.

Canon 100D, 50mm f1.8 lens

ISO 100, 1/125 shutterspeed, f5.6, evaluative metering mode

The photo was shot handheld.

The exposure and contract was adjusted in Lightroom. 


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  • I love the colours!

  • Great use of colour giving the image a strong impact. Also enhanced by the contrast of the colours and their boldness. It is probably the last time your model says yes to a photoshoot though. The shot is relativly clean and simple and that adds to it's impact. There is just a little hair on the top edge which I would remove. The edit on the lips needs a soft edge, especially if you going to print this large. The fall off of depth of field on the lips does not match the rest of the face which is fine here but may become a limiting factor when you want to use this image differently.


    Waiting for John's feedback...

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