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Cape Candyfloss2019

Camera settings:

  • Canon 77D with 24 - 105mm F/4 lens
  • Manual mode
  • ISO = 100
  • Shutter = 1/250
  • Aperture = F/11
  • Evaluative metering

Addition info:

  • The picture was taken handheld lit by sunlight only. The timing was between 10 am to midday. 
  • Lightroom used to add contrast.
  • Took the photo to exhibit the colours (and balance) of the homes in Bo-Kaap. The car adds a foreground interest and shows an additional colour. I hence titled the picture 'Cape Candyfloss' as it is showing some of the travel eye-candy in Cape Town. 
  • The photo could be improved if the car's central followed that of the homes. 
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    Thank you for the comment Karin. Bo Kaap is quite popular with these colors. I was very fortunate to get a pic without people in it. 

  • So colourful, absolutely love it.


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    Thank you for the encouragement Greg. Appreciate the comment

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    Love it!

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    Thank you Danie! I appreciate the comment. When I came across this site, I was only triggered at the design elements of colour and failed to see the odd number of windows / doors and line. You were right in deeply practising 1 element at a time. 


    The car is the perfect subject for the background. Great use of colour, shape and line. Feature! 

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