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I took this photo on Sunday, (with my cellphone!!!!!!) as I took with camera and cellphone and really liked this one.  Huawei P30 PRO.  I converted it to B/W and would love to have your input if I got the setting right.

I can give the settings, but thought it not necessary as it was just a click on the phone.

Thank you

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    You are more than welcome!! Use the Black & White option in Lightroom, play with the contrast, highlights and shadows until you are happy, then post again. Keep on shooting and enjoy!

  • Hi Bruna

    Thank you so much for the feedback, I know a camera is better, I do have loads from mty camera, not quite the same as I loved this shot, but as I am trying out black and whites and monochrome, getting the balance right, i needed to know what I am doing wrong, I will play with another image that I think is great and post it next week for comment.  Thank you so much


    I personally think you could have done better in camera. Think about it this way, you have full control of the settings available to you in camera. You can expose correctly by means of overexposing or underexposing for shadows and highlights. You can also shoot in RAW, which gives you the opportunity to pull overexposed highlights back like the chrome. Don't get me wrong, our cellphones are very capable and I am well aware of that. However it is still classified as a ‘mik & drik’ that I mean the camera will decide how the photo should look. Is that what you want? In this particular image you have lost detail in the blacks and the chrome is overexposed (burned out). Maybe go back to the image, which was taken with your camera, open the RAW image in Lightroom and sort that out. Practice makes perfect! keep on shooting.

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