Elephants @ night

Went elephant hunting in Kruger park specifically with new moon with the aim to capture elephants against the stars. Photo taken at 23:19 from the safety of the camp. 3x External flash guns mounted on the fence triggered remotely with manual settings ranging from full strength to 1/2, zoomed to 200. Went without sleep for a couple of nights in order to capture this.

Photo edited in Lightroom - exposure lifted +.24, black slider pulled back slightly, clarity +29 with a bit of dodging and burning in selective areas  as well as sharpening in Photoshop Elements.


Nikon D700 mounted on tripod

Nikon 16-35mm lens @ 22mm

Exposure 30 sec @ f8

ISO 1000

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    This is such a dramatic capture and leaves the viewer with so much food for thought. Very clever to freeze any movement with flash, while allowing the shutter to "drink-in" the skies. I would remove some of the hot pixels and those bright branches bottom-right. Anyway, hats off for a great shot! Feature. 

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