Bake the world a better place

Nikon D750

50 mm F1.8

50 mm focal length

ISO 100

Exposure 1/250 sec at F1.8

Natural Light




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  • Thank you so much Sascha

  • Wow Karen, i realy do love this photo. Well done


  •  Thank you so much Danie for your crituque. 

    In this particular image I have upped the shadows with 100%

    I used a clarity brush to bring out the reflections and glass items. Furthermore I have underexposed the darker parts of the image so as to draw attention to the subject. 


    I really appreciate your critique


    This picture will bring a smile to every viewer. There is a slight halo effect around the girl's head, which was probably caused by your retouching process. You don't say, which processes you've followed in post retouching so that I can properly advise you. If it wasn't for that, you would have had a sure feature. (Sorry had to cancel my initial feature after one of the instructors made me aware of the halo effects). 

This reply was deleted.