Rooted Sunset

Took this HDR image on the evening of Friday the 2nd of August, from the top of Northcliff 'koppie.' 

After exploring the area a little bit, I came accross this lone tree on the koppie. I loved how the texture stood out and how the golden rays of sunshine brought them out.


Nikon D3100; ISO 100; Focal length 18mm, Aperture F18

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    Your image is void of mood and lacks the contrast and drama we typically associate with sunsets and sunrises. The reason being, you've overcooked the HDR conversion and the result is a flat exposure and unnatural colours. There is also visible ghosting around the edges of the tree, which means the trees moved in the wind. A single exposure, instead of bracketing a few shots would have been better. Also, check for chromatic aberration around the edges, which can normally be fixed in LR. 

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