Young Bushbuck, Kruger National Park

Nikon D7200, ISO 100, Exposure 1/60 sec at F4,8, Focal lenght 105mm

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    Such a pleasure Nadia! Your passion for whildlife | Avian photography and your willingness to learn more, is what it takes to get your photography to the next level. You are nearly there Girl! Keep it up. 

  • Thank you Bruna I appreciate your advice.


    Perfect exposure and ample detail, beautiful catch-light in the eye of the Bushbuck. Thank you for naming your image with an appropriate title. Regarding your settings, Perfect ISO, but I would have used a different lens for this image, remember, you must move yourself (your vehicle) around your subject until you get a better composition. By saying this I mean, with a longer lens (your 55mm-300mm) for instance, move yourself further away from your subject for a shallow DOF to get rid of the busy background. (Shallow DOF). Then close your aperture to about F5.6 to get your subject sharp in focus, then lock your focus point in the eye and not on the hind of the Bushbuck for a sharp eye. (Focus Point) - Your speed was also to slow for a sharp eye. The eye is soft, as you did not lock focus in the eye and your shutter was to slow.  Your shutter speed should have been 1/315sec. Then adjust your ISO accordingly for good exposure.  Thank you for sharing Nadia.



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