Saddle-Billed Stork

Nikon D7200, ISO 100, Exposure 1/125 at F5,6, Focal lenght 300 mm

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    Thank you for sharing Nadia, remember we have changed the rules slightly this year. Only Premium F/11 members are allowed to enter more than three uploads with two guaranteed Photo Critiques per week.  (Refer to Subscribe & Donate section). Regular members who choose not to pay are restricted to one photo upload per week (Refer to Guidelines). However, I am eager to help as I take it that you were not aware of this change.  Remember you are shooting Nikon which means you have to underexpose slightly to preserve detail in the whites.  We can pull detail back in the blacks, but not in the whites. Canon shooters can get detail back in the whites, but not in the blacks, which means they have to slightly overexpose. This is because of the different sensors of the cameras. You have lost some detail in the whites with ample detail in the blacks, which confirms my point. Your eye is nice and sharp with beautiful catch-light. Your composition however is not strong enough as you allowed for negative space towards the back instead of the front. Remember, your subject needs space to move in. This applies to portraits as well.  I get the feeling you shoot in Aperture mode? If I were correct, I would urge you to shoot in Manual instead. Take control of your camera Girl! By shooting in Aperture mode, your shutter speed will always be incorrect and you’re ISO, spot on. You have to create the shot in camera, which is possible only once you are controlling your camera in Manual mode. Thank you for sharing Nadia!


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