Green-Backed Heron on the hunt

Nikon 7200, ISO 110, Exposuren. 1/60 at F4,8, Focal lenght 140mm, Lense 55-300mm. Taken at Lale Panic at the Kruger National Park

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  • Thank you Bruna, I will keep on working at it. I appreciate your input tremendously.


    Beautiful exposure and a I really enjoy the reflection in the water. You did not crop tight, instead you are telling us a story by including the Herons environment, It works well. Lake Panic is such a great hide, unfortunately most of the time we are forced to shoot from the top down. A few time wait for the bird to move further back, at 300mm focal length, the angle will become less of a problem for you. Shoot manual as your shutter speed is the most important aspect when shooting birds. Always 4 x your focal length for a sharp bird. Due to your slow shutter (1/60sec) the Heron is slightly soft. Then select your Aperture according to your focal length, distance of subjects as well as the size of your subject - a long less will give you a shallow DOF. Lastly, balance your light with your ISO. Keep on shooting 

  • Thanks Bruna 

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