Forest Flight - (Black Kite)

The Black Kite or Tobi as it is known in Japanese is a common sight in the skies throughout Japan. You can see this powerful looking bird often soaring in the thermals high above coastal areas, rivers and lakes. They are very graceful flyers that soar with ease and turn with precision. Black Kites are definitely abundant and very cool birds to see around Japan.

ISO-800, 1/2500sec at F7.1 Nikon D4, Nikon 600mm f/4 lens, no flash was fired, Tripod

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    Thank you so much John! capturing the shot while the birds flew past the forest was the aim here. I wanted the dark background, the sky is flat during winter in Japan, evident in my second image of the two white tailed sea eagles.  



    In addition to be quick enough to capture the moment the brid takes off with its kill. Patience and experience? Lovely shot


    Thank you so much Danie! means such a lot to me comming from you, my mentor!


    I like the soft tones and monochromatic colour palette Bruna! It is sharp too. Leaving space for the kite to fly into complies with photography-101 composition. I remain a fan of your photography.

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