Golden hour at the Delta - Elephants

ISO 250, f/5.6 at 1/500sec, Nikon D600, Nikon 200-400mm lens, Focal Length in 35mm - 200mm, GimPro bracket, No Flash was Fired, Manual Mode.

This image was captured during what we call, the Magic Hour. Golden/Magic hour, is the time around sunrise and sunset when the sun is closest to the horizon, creating soft, even light. Just after sunset — you’ve got what’s known as “magic hour.”  And as beautiful as magic hour is, it’s just as temporary. However, the difficult thing to understand is that golden hour isn’t always a true “hour” — and there are many factors you need to be aware of to harness as much golden light you can.

Blue Hour is just before the sun rises when there is still enough even, soft light to give you footage that looks great. During blue hour, the sky has a deeper blue and more saturated colors, which can lead to a more dramatic and melancholy feel. This can be great if you’re going for that look, but it can be tough to match the color of other shots in post.

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