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Camera settings:

  • Canon 77D with Sigma 18-50mm F/2.8 lens
  • Shot on manual mode
  • IS0: 400
  • Shutter: 1/40
  • Aperture: F/8
  • Metering: Evaluative

Additional info:

  • The picture was taken handheld at 1/40 seconds. I should have taken the picture faster by opening up the aperture to F/4. I think this would have still given me back to front sharpness for such subjects (<10cm in depth).
  • The light source was sunlight at morning/midday that came through a window. This created directional light causing the shadows (that I did not want) and the textures (which I did want).
  • I did do post-processing and converted to black and white using Lightroom. I converted to black and white as I wanted to only highlight the shape of the subject (all circles) and the contrast in textures between the biscuits and tea. The added contrast also emphasized the diagonal lines on the table to lead the eye.
  • I took this photo as it is a simple ritual that turns a house into a home. It has meaning to me from childhood till now as Marie biscuits and tea are always calming and sooting, giving a homely feel. I did try to show a yin-yang with the colors (black and white) of the saucers to display some 'zen'.
  • I could improve the photo by taking it at a faster shutter. Taking it at F/4 would gain me 2 stops and allowed to take it at 1/160.


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    Thanks Danie and Nicolene for the comments. It was a planned composition, I take it that I need to plan my camera settings as well (which I never thought of before). 

    Student for life :)


    Great thinking and excellent composiiton. Unfortunately, the image is really blurry which was probably caused by camera shake. Definitely worth another attempt and getting it sharper this time Tash! 


    Love the circles in the square frame, and the textures in this photograph.

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