I just love these rainy days

Nikon D5300 with 50mm prime lens

Iso 200

1/30 sec


Manual mode with center weighted metering

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  • Great image! Love the mood and colour! Well done!


    Aaaaw thank you Trompie and Bruno. You made my day. I wish I could spend more time on photography because it means so much to me, maybe as soon as I've landed and settled in NZ I will have more time. Its heartbraking for me at this stage when all I want to do is pick up my camera and play but I simply don't have the time. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time so I will take this journey one shot at a time. I appreciate the feedback a lot. Thank you guys

    I just love these rainy days
    Taken of my son while he was waiting for me in the car on a rainy day, trying to pass the time Nikon D5300 with Nikkor Prime 50mm lens at 50mm F3.2 I…

    Amazing concept and well executed.  Muted colours combined with a powerful yet subdued colour; yellow, adds impact! The expression in the boy eyes tells such an emotional story, which is difficult to ignore.  The freckles on the boys face and the raindrops on the window make this image unique and powerful.


    Thank you Danie. You rock. Thanks for the help. X


    This upload is much better; by darkening the hand slightly, the eye is now drawn into the action instead of the hand. Well deserved feature!

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