IMG_9656-3 The Vaal Dam Palette

I took this photo as the sun was setting over the vaal dam last week from Sun Set Cove - Sun Set Cove lives up to its name. I am very new at photography and am interested to discover what i need ot do to improve.

Canon 77D EF 28 - 80mm

 F 5.6, ISO 640 1/100 sec


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  • Bruno, thank you so much for your comments and your tips - they are extremely helpful and I am looking forward to the classes and trying new techniques. 


    A very stong image for a biginner, I can just emagine what you are going to share once you have attended a view more classes.To shoot in low light is very challenging for all of us.

    Here is a few tips to improve on your image; Most importantly, your composition, I see the beautiful sunset towards the back which should be the main focus point. Then I see the trees, a good point of interest. Then I see the dam wall, which can be a strong leading line.  To make all of this work in your frame, try different angles. It would have been a stronger composition if you had moved slightly to the left (your left), placing the sunset in between the big trees to show us more of the beautiful sunset. (Trees, towards the point of the bank and the other trees next to it). That would have added more water to the left in your frame, between the points of the dam wall and the end of your frame. Currently the dam wall is cutting your image in half.  You can also pull some of the blue back in Lightroom as this image is too blue (to cold). Warm it up slightly as you have such a beatiful warm sunset. Well spotted!! Keep up the good work.

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