This is one of my photo's of my new series that I am working on - Natures Great Architectural Designs


Shot with a Nikon D5300 with a 50mm prime Nikor lens

Iso 100

1/250 sec


Basic retouching done in Lightroom with black and white conversion in Lightroom and a few distracting white spots removed in Photoshop

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    Thank you Danie. Will correct it and then add my other photos as I go along. Appreciate the feedback. I completely see what you are saying. 


    I think you have great prospects with your upcoming project and really looking forward to it. For this particular image, I feel the contrast is a bit too harsh, which might cost you along the way when you want to add more images to the collection (remember my talks about consistency) and then the focus "feels" wrong as the pic is slightly blurry and the area of focus at the top, whilst my eye goes to the left side of your picture. 

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