1Ds Mark lll, EF16-35mm F2.8, 1/30sec, F2.8, ISO 800, spot, hand held resting on a banister.

I enjoyed taking this picture in an old warehouse; a connecting stairwell between floors.

To me it has somewhat of an ominous feeling, which it acually did while shooting.

I think the geometry is fascinating, with a clear indication of the vanishing point.

I used Lightroom 6 to increase the highlights and shadows, with other tweeks, and applied a HDR preset from Lightroom.

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    Great composition and use of geometry. Often when I look at a picture on Photo Critic, I ask myself how it is going to look in print. Unfortunately, this is one of those images, that won't work in print and where front-to-back sharpness and massive dynamic range would have made all the difference. The excessive noise/banding and crunched tonal details, takes away from it. It might be worth it to go back and shoot multiple exposures from a tripod at ISO-100 for maximum image quality. 

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