Lioness stop and stare

We found a kill in a tree and started looking around hoping to find the leopard it belongs to. And suddenly this beauty looked right at us... 


Nikon D610 f6.3

ISO 1250


500mm length on Sigma 150-500mm

No flash. Secured lens on beanbag. 

PP - Levels. 

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  • Hi Bruna!

    Thank you for your feedback. Sorry yes it was a typo. 1250 ISO and 1/13 sec at f6.3. Appreciate your advice =)


    Perfect exposure, amazing detail, sharp eye with ample catch light, eyes looking straight into your lens, it all works very well here. I also love the fact that you did not remove the twigs in the foreground as that adds interest to your image. Regarding your composition, your photography has already moved to the next level and therefore I will always expect more from you.

    The shallow D.O.F (150-500mm Lens) will always allow you the opportunity to be even more creative with your composition. You already understand the low angles as well as which F/stop to use for best result, but It is time for you to get more ceative with the way you compose your subject in camera before you press the shutter.(I am only referring to wildlife & birds). Please will you just check your camera settings, maybe a typo? You can push the  ISO of the (Nikon D610) to a maximum of 3000 with noise already visible. Your ISO was pushed to 12501 and your shutter speed was only 1/13sec. Maybe I am reading it wrong or maybe a typo? Maybe ISO 1250 @1/30sec, but then your ISO was incorrect.  Just correct that on your page. Please consider this critic as constructive advice rather than nitpicking. I would love to feature this image, but I want more from you..the reason, because I believe in you and I know you can.



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