A waterbuck ewe shares a moment with her calf. 

Nikon D610

Tamron 150 - 600mm at 460mm


ISO 640 with -2 step exposure compensation

1/1600 sec

Spot metering. Bean bag support. No flash. 

Post processing - levels. 




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  • Thank you Danie! I just sold this image as a print which I am STOKED about! =)


    Beautiful picture, which earns you a feature in my book :)

  • Thank you Greg!


  • Premium Member

    Great shot.

  • Thank you John! 


    Great capture! Just love it.



    I am so proud of you Landie! you have everything needed to be such an amazing wildlife photographer! Keep it up!

  • Thank you Bruna. I took your advice and brought the clarity down. Made a massive difference. Thank you!!



    I am glad you dont know..just kidding  -:}} The Dehaze slider can be found in the "Basi"c option In Lightroom, under "Precence". The purpose of the Dehaze tool is to either add or remove atmospheric haze from the background of a photo. If you have a photo with some low-lying fog or haze that is ruining the detail, you can remove it by using this slider. However, it will also affect the detail on the subject. In wildlife photography, you need to be very gentle with this particular slider. By overdoing it with this slide, the detail on the fur/coat/feathers will look like it is over sharpened.



  • Thank you Pennie. Much appreciated.

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