Light is hope - Kolmanskop | Namibia

ISO 400, f/9 at 1/400sec – Nikon D750, 14-24mm Nikon lens, no flash was fired, tripod, manual mode

This image was taken during my three-month trip and the mission this particular day was to capture the desolated ruins of Kolmanskop (Ghost Town) for a black & white collection. I booked and paid a little extra to enter the gate before all the other tourists arrived and I also wanted to be on location before sunrise.  Money well spent as I managed to capture beautiful images specifically for black & white with the soft morning light and harsh environment (contrast).  When I shoot for black & white images, I force my mind to compose the image in black & white before I press the shutter. However, some images can only tell the story in colour.  Like this image, with the monochromatic tones in the foreground with the dead bush and the opposite, warm tones of the sun shining through the side window from the other side of the broken house. (Basic editing in Lightroom)


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  • I like your storytelling in this image.

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