Did my first practice shoot on my sister. As I was taking this shot I really didnt think it was going to be good at all and I wasnt too sure if I was doing the right things. However, later on, I went through all the photos, it ended up being one of my favourites. I wanted to use a longer lens but unfortunately I couldnt rent one so had to just practice with the wide angle lens


Canon EOS 4000D

Lens : 18mm-55mm

Mode : Manual 

Aperture : F5.6

ISO : 100

Shutter Speed : 1/40


I did some editing in Lightroom. I made the photo warmer, increased the aperture slightly, removed a few spots and cropped the photo a little on top so she would be in the centre and a little noise reduction to smooth her skin a little more. It was my first time using lightroom.

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    I like the low vantage point and how your model connects with the viewer. Technically, your shutter speed was a bit too slow, but the image seems fairly sharp. A longer lens / wide aperture combination would have been ideal in providing a more out of focus background, but as the saying goes,m the best camera yo have is the on in your hand. You've done well! Looking forward to more of your images. 

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