Moonrise Over the Bush

Canon 5d mk4; Tamron 150-600 at 552mm; 8 sec @ f9; ISO 100; Tripod

I used the Photographers Ephemerus and a compass to predict exactly where the moon would appear and was able to set up well in advance while it was still light. Even had time for a beer! The light cloud was a bonus.

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    Hi Nolan. Thanks for the comments. Appreciate them.

  • Love the colours on this image you've created John!

    I noticed your shutter was at 8 seconds... this has caused a slight blur due to the moon's movement. A suggestion is to bump up your iso in order to reduce the shutter speed, freezing the movement. I do enjoy it when the subject matter is centred but I feel that the moon could have been placed in the top third and have more foreground for this image. I would have liked to see the foreground a bit darker as to put more emphasis on your main subject, being the moon. Making it darker will also eliminate the chaos of the trees. Unfortunately, I find it a bit distracting.

    When shooting the moon or stars, it's a good idea to keep your horizon lines simple. If you have too many elements on the horizon, it will cause clutter. When I go out and shoot stars, I'm usually on location 3 hours before sunset. I will scout for a location and spend lots of time to get the right composition. But I do understand that this is not always possible but it's worth spending a bit of time working on one's composition. Your results will improve 10-fold.

    I hope this assists you on your future ventures! Have fun and practice!!

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