Mr Shy

Canon 500D; F/5; 1/160sec; ISO-800; F/length-146mm

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    At this level we look for sharp images which is well exposed, your image is sharp with good exposure, the back-ground and the fore-ground is nicely out of focus. I enjoy the contrast between the head of your subject and the soft green color at the back in your frame, this separates your subject from the back-ground. Ways to improve on this, remember, we are painting with light in photography. That means, the eye will always go to the brightes light in a frame first, in this case, the leave in the left top corner. When you look through your viewfinder, look for bright spots like that and move yourself until it is no longer in your frame, you can also fix in post processing.. You need to move around your subject, don't wait for your subject to move. Although your subject is blending in well with the foreground, which is maybe what caught your eye, the balance in your frame is not telling us that. We cannot separate your subject from your fore-ground (rocks surface). Take shots from all different angles and use the one that tells us the story the best. Please dont forget to put the name of your subject next to the call name. 



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