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ytilaeR Question

Camera settings:

  • Canon 77D, 70-200MM f/4 Canon lens at 200mm.
  • Shot on manual mode
  • ISO: 100
  • Aperture: F/4
  • Shutter: 1/500
  • Metering: Evaluative

Additional information:

  • Photo was taken handheld with sunlight at 2 pm. Hence the sidelight. 
  • Edited in lightroom with the following in mind:
    • Square crop to emphasize symmetry and balance.
    • Rotated image to provide is not what the eye expects at first - I wanted to draw the viewer in. 
    • Increased contrast on the overall picture.
    • Increased reds and greens to provide colour balance.
    • Selectively exposed parts of the Rhino to show details. 
    • Decreased exposure around the edges. 
    • Increased and texture sand to contrast with the semi-smooth water. 
  •  I like the picture due to the balance and contrasts I have managed to bring about. I can't fault it as the opportunity does not arise very for this picture. It would have been great if this was captured at 4 pm - with more sidelight. This would bring about another dimension of symmetry. 




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    Hi Bruna

    Thank you for your comment. It has made me think a lot about this image - think I still have more to digest. I only understand now what you mean by saying that this is 2 separate images. I will play around more and post (this will build my Lightroom experience too). I really appreciate your in-depth analysis towards helping me. 


    I will critique this image based on your information; in other words, I understand what you tried to create.  It would not have been possible for me to give you constructive feedback without your explanation, and I would like to thank you. It is something diffrent and not everybody's cup of tea, but hey, it is your idea. It is unique, and it tells me, you are thinking creatively, that works for me. To blend the bottom section in with the top part, you could selectively soften only the bottom part of the image slightly. The reason for this, the idea is to be creative with the entire concept. 

    By increasing the texture of the sand, you have created two images competing with one another in the same frame. The "dimension of symmetry" should be lifelike, a property of sameness inbalanced proportions.  By softening the bottom half, you will bring the two images together as one in your frame. I think the light is creat for this image. High-key works well; I will even lightern the dark shadows in the bottom section to complemint the top part.  Play around and post again as I would like to feature your image.  

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