Couple Photoshoot

Golden Hour, my favourite time of the day to do photoshoots.

I have only very recently started taking photos in RAW, this was still done before then. I used a VERY basic eiding program - Photoscape. I would love to do this again, but in RAW and with Lightroom, especially for the backlight.

I love this photo because of the colour of the sun on the grass and on the couple. The dress is flowy and the sunlight in the dress makes it a special photo for me.

I also love the 'feeling' between the two.


Canon EOS 600D


1/100 sec

ISO 200

No flash

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    I agree with you on the golden hour, great lighting and exposure. I would like to share a few practical tips though. Firstly, the pose is very flat, while the expression feels forced. The idea is to get the pose right, and then work on evoking genuine expression instead of having the couple simply staring at one another. Anyway, in a few weeks, I will cover some of these aspects in class and show you how to get it right. Then also, the shape of the dress being blown up feels very disconcerting and rather inelegant. I also feel that the flowers on the left does not really add to the story and that it disturbs the visual balance. I will explain when I see you in class again. 


    Looking forward to seeing more of your work here Karin! 

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