Sunset Silhouette

Canon 5Dmk4; Tamron 70-200mm at 70mm; 1/10 sec @f8.0; ISO400

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    Gorgeous colours. I also like how you've used the 200 mm focal length to bring the baobab - bottom left - to the fore. Having a bit of negative space to the top might be my only suggestion, but a tight crop often works, especially if you're shooting a series in the same fashion.

    Technically, the image is not successful. You don't mention whether you've used a tripod; so my conclusion is, that if you used a tripod, then the ISO should have been ISO-100, which will give you better pixel quality, dynamic range, and colour depth, which would be the better choice if you want to reproduce the picture. If you shot it handheld, then at 1/10th sec, you will lose sharpness.

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