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Taking a bath

Nikon D5300, ISO200, 19mm, f/9, 1/200



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    Great Image Adrian! Congratulations!

  • Great storytelling photo, Adrian. Congratulations on winning Photo of the Week. Your Mumbai series, especially the Washing is out photo, is quite the treat to look through and see all the things that are going on.

  • This is a superb shot. It has all the elements you could hope for. Lighting for separation, depth, leading lines and synergy. I quite often see travel shots where you think a shot is great if only…. was different. This shot is great because everything is working together to the same goal. All the elements add, and the eye goes exactly where it should, everything else give context instead of fight for attention. It is a great example of hierarchy within the frame. There is no doubt about the primary element and what is supporting. This is an absolute win.

    The sincerity of the joy on the child’s face feels palpable.

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