There is still time to change the road you're on

This is a fine art composite created with the photo of the horses, taken against the light and in the dust and composed with the background of the sun and edited to create mood and tell the story
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  • Thank you for the feedback, Danie and Leon! I rellay appreciate your input! Yes, I saw all the changes Shawn and I do understand why you are not going to individual critiques, you are all bery busy, but thatn is one of the important reasons I kept submitting my photos here because of the in depth critique which meant so much to me, but I see it is temporary, will love it if that feature returns! Thank you for all the trouble you take!


    Agree with the doc on the composition, the sun's orb creates a counter weight for the horses running out of space. Well done! 

  • I love this image...the mood that you captured against the afternoon sun is fantastic. Some judges might say the horses are running out of the does'nt bother me...'gold'

  • Hi, Charlaine.


    Please check out Danie's latest post on changes coming to Photo Critic and DPC. For the interim, the DPC instructors will no longer critique each photograph. This is a temporary arrangement while we are working on DPC's new online platform. From now on, we expect that each member, who uploads photos, will comment on, and rate,  at least three other photo uploads. To maintain some consistency, the DPC team will still provide administrative tasks; i.e. featuring photos, and running weekly and monthly competitions.


    To bring you up to date with the changes and the reasons, therefore, please check out the links below:

    DPC Roadmap 2018
          Another year has flown by, and apart from the odd blog post and a short New Year’s message, I haven’t done any official announcements for qu…
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