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Washing is out...

Nikon D5300, ISO200, 17mm, f/16, 1/50sec

Part of a series on the Mumbai laundry...

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  • This is a great representation of India, at first glance it just seems like overwhelming chaos. After a little desensitisation you can see there is some order. Sitting at my computer this glimpse into another world seems rather unfathomable.

    Through editing you have changed the mood of the scene, the desaturation of colour and moving the histogram left has made a more sombre muddy scene. It seems there are however artefacts of the original exposure. The top left roof panels and satellite dish are flat in detail. They have that highlight recovery look. This might have been a good spot for an HDR exposure. You would have more latitude to edit to the levels you want or start with one of the exposures 2 stops down and work it.

    It is a difficult scene and the result is great I am just musing what I would do with 20/20 hindsight. If you can visualise the mood and capture that in camera instead of through processing, then you get magic.  

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