Portfolio Reviews

Portfolio reviews are critical for both emerging and professional photographers who want to step up their photography to the next level. Premium subscribers get the added benefit of a single 3-hour portfolio review session per year wherein we will curate your overall body of work. During these sessions, we will provide a detailed analysis on up to 30 images. You can expect feedback regarding content, lighting, composition, technique, post-processing, consistency, design, and presentation. Sessions will be open-ended and we will answer your questions while providing practical guidance on how to improve your portfolio.


Portfolio review sessions can take place in person, or via conference call. Meetings must be scheduled in advance, and only after the portfolio have been submitted in PDF format so that we can adequately prepare for your session. We also recommend that you provide us with links to your website and social media accounts, which will give the reviewer a broader perspective and opportunity to assist you better. We suggest that you make a list of questions before your session. While we will provide a concise summary report afterwards, we also recommend that you record your session.


Portfolios must be submitted in print or digital format. Whenever possible we would recommend that you provide us with at least three A3 or larger prints, so that we can provide feedback on final output and craftsmanship.


More Questions?

Submitting a portfolio for review is a daunting task; especially if it is your first time! If you are unsure about anything related to your review session, we can arrange a short conference call to help you prepare for it. Feel free to message Danie Bester to set up a meeting.